Value Your Trade

Many Marlton shoppers come to us and ask, “Should I trade in my car?” and the answer truly depends. If you’ve got a vehicle you’re looking to get rid of for something in our new and pre-owned inventory, it could be smart to trade in. Trading in your vehicle can often reduce your monthly payment amount if you have positive equity in your vehicle. However, if you’re not sure about how to move forward, feel free to stop by Honda of Turnersville for more information. Today, we’re going to go over whether or not you should trade in your car and touch on the following:

  • When should I trade in my car?
  • How to trade in your car
  • How to trade in a car that is paid off

When Should You Trade In Your Car?

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If you’re trying to figure out when you should trade in your car, we’ve got you covered. Technically, you can trade-in your car at almost any time. If you still have a loan on your vehicle, you’ll want to double-check its trade-in value with our trade-in tool. That way, you can find out whether or not you have equity in your current Vineland daily driver.

If you have positive equity, that means your vehicle is worth more than what you owe, so the trade-in amount can potentially help decrease the monthly payment on your new loan. If you have negative equity, it means you owe more than your vehicle’s value. We suggest you speak to our finance team if you’re not sure where to begin. Otherwise, continue on reading for more information on how to trade in a car that is paid off.

How To Trade In Your Car

Berlin car buyers will be happy to hear that learning how to trade in a car that is paid off is not much different than trading one in that is paid off. The only real difference is that you won’t have to get the loan payoff information since there is no loan to worry about. Otherwise, the process will be similar to trading in a car that has a loan. If you’re not sure how to trade in your car, or you just need a refresher, take a look below:

  1. Utilize our value trade tool to get an estimate of your vehicle’s worth.
  2. If you still owe on your vehicle, get the loan payoff information. If not, bring your vehicle to our dealership along with the registration, keys, and title.
  3. We’ll have your vehicle inspected and confirm the appraisal amount.
  4. Once the appraisal is accepted, we’ll complete the paperwork and you can be on your way!

Trade-In Your Car at Honda of Turnersville!

Trade-in your car today at Honda of Turnersville if you want a seamless and straightforward process. Best of all, you don’t have to buy one of our vehicles to sell your vehicle to us. Whenever you’re ready for the next steps, stop by in Turnersville to get started! For any questions, please contact us for assistance.