Returning a Leased Car Near Marlton

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Whether you’ve reached the end of your two- or three-year lease or you’re wondering about how to return a leased car early, you’ll be happy to know that returns are a relatively simple process. With the finance center at Honda of Turnersville, learn how returning a leased car works. We’ll also touch on what you can do when returning a leased car with damage. If you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What To Bring When Returning a Leased Car

Before beginning the steps for how to return a leased car, you need to compile the necessary reports and items before visiting a trusted dealership near Vineland:

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records

If you aren’t able to compile the vehicle or maintenance reports, we may be able to look up these items for you. Reach out to our team at Honda of Turnersville if you have any questions about what to bring before returning your leased vehicle. 

How to Return a Leased Car

When looking to turn in your leased vehicle, keep in mind that you can return your lease to Honda of Turnersville even though you’ve leased at another dealership around Berlin. How to return your leased car starts by simply visiting our dealership: 

  1. Stop by a dealership around Turnersville. 
  2. Your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected for damage, its overall quality, and other important factors. 
  3. Penalty fees may be applied for any extra miles on the odometer and any wear and tear accumulated. 
  4. After we’ve completed the inspection, you have a couple of options. You can choose to buy out your current lease, upgrade to a newer model, or browse our inventory of new or used vehicles for sale. 

Returning a Leased Car Early

If you’re thinking about returning your leased vehicle early, you’ll have to verify the terms of your lease with the leasing company. Most companies will allow for an early lease return, however, you’ll still be responsible for the remaining amount owed on top of any penalty fees and other potential charges. By turning in your lease early, you’re no longer responsible for the monthly payments, and you have the option to lease a newer model again. 

Returning a Leased Car with Damage

While some minor dents and scratches are normal wear and tear expected over the length of the lease, larger accidents mean you have to consider returning a leased car with damage. If you have significant damage, consider contacting your insurance agent for whether you have coverage such as GAP insurance. GAP insurance covers the difference between the value of the vehicle and the lease payoff. 

For other repairs like larger dents and windshield damage, you have a couple of options. If the vehicle is covered by a maintenance plan or warranty, you can get the damage repaired at little to no cost. However, your other option can be to return a leased car with the damages, although that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. You may face additional fees at the end of your lease term, or the cost of repairs will get added into the price of your newly leased vehicle, leading to you paying for the cost of the damages one way or another. 

Explore Your Service Options with Honda of Turnersville!

When you’re considering returning a leased vehicle, the talented technicians in the Honda of Turnersville service center have you covered. Learn more about your vehicle services like how much it is to replace a car battery, then, be sure to see how you can save on your next service visit with our available service specials. Explore more auto finance tips such as how you can order your next new car and have it delivered to our dealership.

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