Ordering a Car vs. Buying Off the Lot: Which Is Right For You?

Car dealer giving car key to buyer

In the market for a new Honda vehicle for your Marlton drives? Then you’re likely trying to decide between ordering a car vs. buying off the lot at Honda of Turnersville. Both options come with their fair share of benefits, and either way, you’ll get behind the wheel of a Honda you love. Ultimately, your choice will depend on how flexible your preferences are, how quickly you need a new car, and how involved you wish to be in designing your model, among other factors. Consult this guide for the details you need to know to make an informed decision!

Ordering a Car: Pros and Cons

As you compare a factory order vs. buying off the lot, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each option. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of custom ordering a Honda with Honda of Turnersville.


  • No Compromises: With a factory order, you can select the exact color, features, engine, and more that you want in your Honda CR-V or Honda Odyssey, meaning you won’t be left with amenities you find no use for.
  • Participation: You have the opportunity to participate in the design and ordering process with a Honda of Turnersville team member!


  • Time: Of course, when you order a car, you won’t be able to drive it immediately. It will take some time for the vehicle to be designed and delivered to our dealership near Vineland.
  • Incentives/Rebates: Note that incentives and rebates can only be applied on the day of delivery. That’s to say that if an incentive or rebate program is in effect on the day you place your factory order, but has expired on the day your order is delivered, then you are likely ineligible for the program.

Buying Off the Lot: Pros and Cons

As you continue your ordering a car vs. buying off the lot research, keep the following pros and cons in mind for buying from what’s in stock at Honda of Turnersville.


  • Immediate Access: When you buy a new Honda off the lot at Honda of Turnersville, you can drive it home the same day. This is not true when you place a factory order, because then the model has to be designed to your specifications, which can take a few months.


  • Unwanted Features: Buying off the lot means you may end up with features that you don’t necessarily want or need or have to settle on colors that are currently available.

Shop For a Honda in Turnersville

Still undecided between factory order vs. buying off the lot? Honda of Turnersville is here to help! Contact our team today with any questions and to plan your visit to our dealership near Berlin!

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