Buying a Honda at Carvana vs. a Dealership

2022 Honda Civic Driving at Night

Whether you’ve got your eye on Honda Civic or a Ridgeline, there’s no shortage of options when car shopping in Marlton and Vineland. So, should you buy in person or online? Learn the key differences between Carvana vs. a dealership, and see why so many Berlin opt for the convenience of a local dealership instead of buying online.



Selling Your Car at Carvana vs. a Dealership

Before your buy a new Honda from Carvana or a dealership, you want to know which also enables you to easily sell your current vehicle so you can put more down toward your next ride. When you go with Carvana to sell your car, you’ll be given a one-time immediate offer that you can accept. While that option does presents some advantages such as saving time and travel, but when you bring in your car to be inspected by a professional at the dealership, this can allow the chance to negotiate prices as well as take advantage of our trade-in offers and other incentives for a lower price on your next car.

The Pros and Cons of Carvana

Carvana has become a popular choice with drivers who want to streamline their car shopping experience. Advertised as a no-haggle and no-hassle buying experience, Carvana has beckoned in many drivers – but does it live up to its promises? Here are the pros and cons of Carvana:


  • Online: As a 100% virtual retailer, all shopping and sale are done online. Arrange pickup at a Carvana Vending Machine or pay a fee for delivery.
  • Accessibility: Because Carvana is online, you can shop at all hours of the day.
  • Selection: Carvana offers a tremendous selection of used vehicles shipped from all over the country.


  • Blind Buys: Because you are doing all transactions online, you can’t test out your car before you buy. This has led to customers receiving cars with scratched exteriors, dirty cabins, and other unexpected issues at Carvana NJ.
  • Price: A “no-haggle” policy also means no negotiations, so you might not get the best deal available. There are no loyalty incentives or car specials to boost your dollar at Honda Carvana.
  • Accountability: Carvana has made news lately after customer complaints regarding missing paperwork. In fact, it has been banned in numerous states for misleading consumers.

The Pros and Cons of Dealerships

Tried and true, dealerships are the traditional choice for car sales around the country. While some customers prefer the ease of shopping online, many dealerships have implemented modern solutions ranging from online retailing to virtual test drives. Take a look at the pros nad cons of buying at a dealership.


  • In-Person Service: Whether you want to try view all the Honda SUVs or test drive a few Ridgelines, you can get up close and personal with the Honda lineup at Honda of Turnersville. And when it comes to shopping, there’s nothing like seeing the car with your own eyes.
  • Trade-In Values: Trade in values have never been higher, which means you can get a fantastic deal on your next car. Plus, our in-house financing team can give you personalized recommendations and incentives that Carvana cannot.
  • Convenience: A dealership simply offers more options in one place. Check out new cars, used cars, or Certified Pre-Owned models. Pick up a new accessory at the parts department. Schedule your first oil change. Drive off with your car that day. It’s that easy.


  • Negotiating: Some customers love negotiating, but some hate it. You’re welcome to haggle at Honda of Turnersville and take advantage of our specials, but you can also conduct the entire process online with our Virtual Purchase Options.
  • Inventory Shortage: Many dealerships are still catching up with the inventory shortage of the past few years, but even if the car of your dreams isn’t on the lot, Honda of Turnersville can find the car and have it shipped on your behalf. You can even use our Vehicle Finder Service.
  • Hours: While we are closed on Sundays, you’ll find our extended hours offered Monday through Saturday.

Start Your Car Shopping Journey at Honda of Turnersville

Now that you know the difference between buying a Honda at Carvana vs. a dealership, which will it be? If you want to see what the team at Honda of Turnersville can do for you, feel free to contact us and check out our car buying tips!


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